Urgent Warning: Advertising Scam

Businesses in Amesbury and the surrounding area may have had phone calls or may receive calls over the coming days claiming to be from a company working with restaurants to produce new menus, these calls may or may not be genuine.

Several years ago a similar approach was made to companies in the area and several local businesses lost large sums of money.

The number you are called from is withheld. They usually know your first name, talk very confidently and in a very friendly manner and talk highly of the business they are working with.

The last time this happened in Amesbury a restaurant which was having the menus printed knew nothing about the new menus, the company selling the advertising took large sums of money from local businesses in payment for advertising, the menus never appeared!

The Stonehenge Chamber advice is to be very careful with entering in to any agreement with any company until you are fully satisfied the offer is genuine.