Public Health & Wellbeing Grant

Wiltshire Public Health has established a fund to support public health and wellbeing for people in Wiltshire.
Administered by the Community Foundation the fund is designed for projects which seek to support the Council’s objective of building healthy and resilient communities, by bringing communities together to make a positive difference to peoples’ health. The aim of these grants is to enable community based and other small groups to initiate or develop projects and activities which offer new or innovative approaches in one or more of the following areas:

  • Reducing childhood obesity or helping adults to adopt healthier lifestyles
  • Helping to combat loneliness, isolation and other factors which contribute to poor mental health
  • Supporting older people to have more active and fulfilling lives
  • Promoting the use of community green spaces, assets and infrastructure for exercise and wellbeing
  • Reducing drug and alcohol abuse

Groups must be able to demonstrate a clear link to improved mental or physical health outcomes that will result from their project.

Full information is available at

Funding is available for one year only, and the maximum grant will be £4,000. You may apply for the full amount of your project and match funding is not required.
All applicants must meet the basic eligibility criteria for these grants as follows:

  • Your annual income must not exceed £50,000
  • You must not be currently in receipt of core funding from Wiltshire Council
  • You must not be a branch of a national charity
  • You must be a constituted voluntary organisation or a registered charity
  • You must be a local organisation based in Wiltshire and have a local management structure
  • The Project you want to deliver must take place in Wiltshire
  • You must not hold more than 12 months running costs as free reserves
  • No more than one application for funding may be submitted within a single financial year

Please complete the Expression of Interest on the link below:

5th June 2014
19th June 2014