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Antrobus House, Amesbury

Antrobus House, Amesbury

The Stonehenge Chamber of Trade Business 2 Business Showcase is held at the Historic Antrobus House on Salisbury Road, Amesbury. Built in 1924, in the Queen Anne style, Antrobus House is set in 3 acres of formal garden and parkland which is also home to a bowling green.


Antrobus House
39 Salisbury Road

Car Parking:

There is limited on site parking at Antrobus House, this is accessed by a small driveway with limited visability to the right hand side of Antrobus Houe if you are facing the front of the building.

There are two pay and display car parks within a few minutes short walk from Antrobus House. The nearest being the privately owned old bus station car park and a little further away the council owned Amesbury Central car park. Be aware parking wardens do operate in both car parks so don’t for get to pay and display.

If approaching the event from the A303

Both of these car parks are easily spotted from the main A345 which runs directly in front of Antrobus House. If approaching Amesbury from the A303 both car parks are on your right, firstly Central Car Park, the entrance to which is immediately after the pedestrian crossing and before the bus stops and double roundabouts on the A345. The old bus station car park is after the bus stops on the A345 and is accessed via turning right in to Salisbury Street from the second mini roundabout and then almost immediately left.

If approaching the event from Salisbury via the A345

If you are travelling in from the Salisbury direction you will drive past the front of Antrobus House on your right and reach the old bus station car park first, on your left, directly next to the Zebra crossings, to enter you need to turn left in to Salisbury Street and immediately left again in to the car park. Central car park is a little further on along the A345, follow the A345 over the double roundabouts and past the bus stops and the entrance to central car park will be on you left immediately after the bus stops on the A345.

Public Transport:

The Salisbury Reds run a regular bus service through Amesbury. The nearest bus stops are The Centre on the A345, a short walk to Antrobus House. The X5 route runs in both directions from Salisbury all the way to Swindon with stops in local towns and villages including Bullford, Durrington, Larkhill, Upavon and Pewsey. A full timetable can be found using the link below which also includes a tab showing the route covered.



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